Have you ever

Have you ever felt tired? Tired all the time? No matter if you just woke up from a 9 hours sleep, or have the weekend ahead of you?

I always feel tired. Disinterested, annoyed. I know, it’s not great, is it? I mean, I don’t attract people towards me by irradiating joy these days.

I actually would like to be left alone. Which is hard, when you can’t get a break from work, when your work is teaching when you live with your partner…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (the part where I am with the students, at least), and I love my partner. I just need a break from all the noise, the voices, the requests, the ideas… without anyone being upset with me for needing a break.

I probably sound like a whiny bitch, I know.

The truth is that I am a bit worried. I don’t like feeling like this. I’d like to understand where this negativity comes from and get rid of it. There’s nothing wrong with my life, besides earning peanuts. But I don’t seem to be able to find happiness. Not even when I could make time for myself and do things I really enjoy. It all feels like a chore.

Anyway, stop with the complaining. I decided to get back into writing. Possibly something more interesting than the above. Probably about living in Australia and so on and so forth. Like, useful things for the public…

They’re talking to me (doh!)… gotta go.

Cheers mates



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